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Building Regulations - Fire Safety

The main purpose behind the regulations is the provision of safety for persons in or about buildings.

The functional requirements for England and Wales are published in the Building Regulations supported by guidance in the “Approved Document B” (ADB: 2000). The requirements for Scotland are published in the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations Parts D & E.

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The key elements relating to FRRSs are:

They should be tested or assessed to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634
-1 to demonstrate their integrity for a specified time (30,60,90,120 or 240 minutes).

They must be fitted with an automatic self-closing device. Typically these are released by a heat detector such as a fusible link, placed in the immediate vicinity of the door or by a solenoid activated by a remote heat/smoke detection or alarm system.

Where a FRRS is held in the open position there should be controlled descent when the automatic self closing device operates.

If door openings represent more than 25% of the length of a compartment wall, then the door classification must cover both integrity and insulation. Insulation is defined by the temperature on the non fire side of the shutter which should not exceed a mean temperature rise of 140°C above the initial value or a maximum temperature rise of 180°C above the initial value at any point during the period of classification.

Note: This general rule is introduced to prevent large un-insulated shutters from being used as low cost removable compartment walls. However, there are many situations where it may be possible to agree alternative solutions with the relevant enforcing authorities/building control bodies.

Examples of situations where a risk analysis approach can provide such alternative solutions are:
- FRRSs used in corridor situations where there is little or no fire load in the immediate vicinity of either side.
- FRRSs protecting atriums or escalator wells, where there is little or no fire load on the unexposed well side.
- FRRSs protecting vehicle entry openings where there is little or no immediate fire load on either side due to the vehicle access requirements.
- FRRSs protecting entrances to retail stores from shopping malls where there is little or no immediate fire load on the mall side.
- Escalator hood shutters in respect of the curtain only where there is little or no immediate fire load on either side.

Insurance industry - Fire Safety

In addition to life safety considerations, which are mandatory, the insurance industry seeks to protect buildings and their contents to mitigate their liabilities and may therefore impose additional requirements. An example is given in the LPC Design Guide for the Fire Protection of Buildings, which requires FRRSs to be:

Health and safety

The regulations are concerned with the provision of safe working practices having due regard to health and safety of the work place:

The key areas of the regulations that apply to FRRSs are:

There must be a planned system of maintenance with items maintained in an efficient state, kept in efficient working order and in good repair.

The importance of correct installation

The performance of FRRSs in a fire is totally dependent on the quality of the installation.

Poor installation may result in a product failure regardless of the quality of the design and manufacture.

Prior to a fire test, the specimen is subjected to a rigorous inspection by the testing house to ensure that:

Similar criteria apply during installation, where rules covering the maximum gaps between the FRRS and the supporting structure have to be respected.

The advantages of certification

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